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Pliable Robotic Arm

    Based on the innovative technology, using soft muscles as robotic actuators instead of conventional motors and reducers, achieving unparalleled lightweight, compliance, and interactive safety.

Filed Robot

The MKT series field robot is equipped with multiple HD cameras around the body together with dual-arm collaborative platform. The robot can be used in all terrains for special missions 

Patrol Robot

    MD patrol robot series demonstrates excellent mobility covering most inside and outside scene due to the compact design, and can realise whole-process visualisation, unmanned operation, and intelligent inspections.  

Aerial Robot

The pliable robotic arm can be adapted to various categories of UAVs, with multiple grab aloft. The combined product is able to conduct operations at high altitude. 

Smart Mobile Platform

SMP robot is a chassis , with a small size, and 100kg payload. Developers can easily install different upper load and navigation system for inspect ion, transportation, teaching and other scenarios.

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